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To succeed in the global competition of todays and future markets, companies and brands need strong and unique contours. Our innovative strategies, and our very experienced, professional and engaged co-workers contribute to the sustainable development of value oriented companies and institutions.

  • we are delivering a passionate and creative professional work supported by network-partners to our clients.
  • we embrace and support an open minded and honest dialogue and create a culture of responsibility and respect under management and employees
  • we guarantee for highest quality of consulting and service by an efficient and cost-oriented work in the interest of our clients.
  • we are respecting corporate integrity, social competency and ethics to maintain long-term loyalty and positive business relations.


Contura’s expertise is based on more than 20 years of experience on top management level in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Areas of expertise:

  • Leadership and management as director, chairman and board member in various small and medium sized companies worldwide
  • Strong focus on strategy and business-development for responsible companies in the Pharmaceutical- , Cosmetics- and FMC-Business.
  • Recognised for successful business-development and turn-around-activities
  • Management service and support for strategic marketing and innovation, corporate communication and reputation-management, branding strategies and trademark-policies
  • Insight knowledge and networking in most important Markets Europe, Asia (Focus on Japan, Korea, China) the Americas (Focus on USA, Brasà­lia).
  • Business fluent in German, French, English, Italian

Some highlights of Moritz Aebersold

Internationally experienced with a great deal of strategic expertise
and a distinguished track record in the natural & organic Cosmetics-,
Pharmaceutical- and FMCG-Industry

1993 Р2012 Weleda AG Arlesheim/Basel SwitzerlandӬ, Member of Weleda Executive Board (Weleda Group) ӬAreas of responsibility as Executive Board member:

1993 – 2010 CEO Weleda Switzerland

1995 – 2008 Head of international Marketing and Innovation Process

1995 – 2012 Chairman Weleda Italy

1995 – 2012 Responsible for Corporate Communications and Trademark

2008 Р2012 Director of International Markets Business Unit ӬChairman and Head of 13 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia (Japan), Ӭ North and South America, NZ/Australia, and 40 export markets)

1999 – 2010 President of SVKH (, Association of Swiss Manufacturers of Complementary Medicines)

2004 – 2011 Executive Board of ASSGP (, Association of the Swiss Self-Medication Industry)

2008 – 2012 President of NATRUE, Brussels ( - international association of manufacturers of natural and organic cosmetics)

1980 – 1993 Partner, Managing-Director and Client-Director at some well established international and national Marketing-Consultants in Berne and Zurich Switzerland


Spagyros AG, Switzerland and Germany (manufacturer of homoepatic and herbal medicines) Contura Consulting mandate for strategy and business development. Moritz Aebersold vice-president of board of directors (non executive) since 11.2012

Biomilk AG, Switzerland (Bio-Diary-Food-Manufacturer). Contura Consulting mandate for strategy development. Moritz Aebersold member of board of directors (non executive) since 7.2013

Cosmetic and Personal Care Company Tokio/Japan. Contura Consulting mandate for Strategy and evaluation of international new business development (2013)

Personal care manufacturer Switzerland. Consulting mandate for an international export- and new-business strategy.

HCB Happy Child Birth Holding AG (Dianatal) Zurich/Switzerland. Consulting mandate for international new-business-strategy.

Khelma AG Italy/Greece (herbal medicines- & nutraceutical company). Consulting mandate for strategy and business development.


Contura Consulting is a independent consulting company of high professionalism and expertise.
Strong strategic competences combined with a very high engagement are key benefits for competitive contours for sustainable successful development of our clients business.

We offer services as consultant, project-leader and management support:

  • in depth analysis of business and explorations of markets
  • targeted corporate strategies
  • reshaping business and brands to long-term enduring success
  • powerful concepts and experienced networks worldwide for new-business and export
  • respectful but effective Turnaround-Management
  • Corporate Reputation-Management
  • responsible Assessments and Coaching for management and recruitments
  • effective project management”¨
  • independent Director of Board mandates


Contura Consulting AG
Wallstrasse 8
CH 4051 Basel
+41 79 320 29 13


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